How is messaging and addressing done with the c2 development platform?

The c2 IoT development platform API is simple and flexible

The flexibility and simplicity of the c2 API allows developers to easily create any IoT proof of concept, prototype, and product.

Messaging made simple

The generic c2 addressing and messaging formats enable IoT systems to be constructed quickly, for any application using a range of different sensors. Messages can received universally across a whole system. Whether the system needs multiple communication channels, perhaps bridged by a gateway; or whether it utilises multiple third party sensors that all need integrating with each other, the c2 platform provides the flexibility in messaging to build up a society of sensors all communicating in the same way.

The c2 messages come with a c2 header that can either be switched on or off. When talking within a c2 based system, the header can be used to provide further information to the application. Or when a third-party application is being used, the header can be removed and any payload sent if necessary to allow for interoperability.

Addressing is configuration, not coding

The simple addressing table used within the c2 platform allows developers to quickly assign addresses which are technology agnostic, enabling quick changes to communication channels, sensors, and processing units without having to re-write any of the application code.

The versatility of the c2 IoT development platform enables to swift development of IoT systems requiring a range of technologies.