What is the c2 data toolbox and how does it work?

The combination of data and analytics is the back-bone of any successful IoT product

As such we have created the c2 data platform. Sitting alongside the IoT development platform, the data platform is a simple toolbox using the latest cutting edge data storage technologies to get IoT systems up and running quickly.

Data can be taken from multiple sources through a variety of channels such as FTP, HTTP, VPN and more. This is then processed into the right format, and stored ready for analysis. We understand that depending on the application, interoperability and flexibility are key. Perhaps you have multiple streams of data reporting back at different rates and in different formats, or cloud based storage doesn’t give the integration you need.

The c2 data platform is fully flexible, allowing for multiple inputs along with cloud, edge, or silo based storage.Through clever processing software, data in any form can be received, formatted, and stored ready for use and analysis. And moreover, access points to the data can be established to ensure secure and robust system.