What is c2 and what makes it different?

The c2 IoT development platform is a suite of scalable, fully tested and easily configurable software and hardware blocks for any IoT system. It is revolutionising digital product development. How?

We are serious about the design, development, and scale of disruptive digital products. Whilst most tech-startups and IoT initiatives fail due to high development costs, lack of expertise, and business cases failing at scale, the c2 platform offers a different development journey. Unlike other traditional platforms and approaches to product development, the c2 IoT platform is designed with the end goal in mind; That is scaling of your product. The c2 IoT development platform is designed to prevent the critical issues that can scupper any IoT project; No more expensive development costs for base-line functionality, no more spiraling time-lines due to redevelopment, and no more nasty surprises from an under-tested system at the end. The c2 platform provides both scalable and robust communications, plug ‘n’ play sensors, and brains for both edge and cloud computing. The ready-to-use but easily configurable system makes it possible for businesses to develop and manufacture IoT systems, which deliver quickly on unique IoT use cases and successfully get digital products to market.

How to start your development

That’s not to say we have forgotten about the start though. The c2 platform can be used to quickly build up a proof of concept, showing the technology to investors and future clients. One of our expert advisors can quickly pull together all the hardware, and software blocks you need to develop your product quickly. And moreover, The flexibility of the platform provisions for integration with other development platforms such as Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. You can simply download the c2 starter package, add in your sensors, whether that be from our simulated libraries or your own external sensors. Once set-up, you can start writing your application code, knowing that your code won’t be wasted or thrown away. When it comes to preparing for scale, porting the c2 code to a scalable platform is quick and easy.