How c2 helps reduce the cost of data collection at scale to ensure commercial success

What makes data collection costly?

Successful IoT requires access to high quality, relevant data. That’s a given. Much thought goes into how data will be used, how data will be stored, and how data will be accessed. Less thought, however, tends to go into how the data is collected. Collecting data can be costly and difficult and, although it is easy to push the difficult things to the back, when this area comes into focus, many business cases can be less viable. This is where the c2 IoT development helps;  the c2 development platform alleviates the pain points of data collection turning a failing case into commercial success.

What makes data collection costly?

Collecting the right data for a successful IoT means sensors must be targeted at the data that will bring the most value to the application. Often this involves customised set-up, customised sensors, customised enclosures and more. Data must also be collected at the frequencies and resolution required, and in some cases when specific events happen. Finally, it must be transmitted in a reliable and robust way ensuring the data arrives where it is meant to be, at the right time. Matching these sensors with the correct communication channels is added customization to a IoT system (the internet isn’t the only option). It isn’t long before the costs of development, and data collection start to grow beyond predictions.

How does c2 help?

The c2 IoT development platform has been designed to minimize the cost of collecting meaningful data. Based on over 40 years of work in developing sensor-based data collection equipment, the c2 software and hardware blocks enable highly configurable equipment, bespoke to each individual application. The modular, ready-to-use blocks built upon the simple c2 API removes the majority of the non-recurring engineering costs, and lets resources focus on what really matters.

Simple put: IoT systems built with the c2 IoT development platform can gather relevant and good quality data to enable scalable IoT system, but at a price that drives business success