What is the c2 data toolbox and how does it work?

Security is fundamental and application specific

It is well known that security is key in any IoT system, and should be taken into account all the way through development. However, we also know that the security requirements for each system varies. One rule does not fit all. We therefore take the view that security is fundamental to development, but is also application specific.

Whether it be end-to-end encryption, firewalls, access control, device authentication, chip security, platform verification, and risk assessment, every aspect of security should be consider thoroughly and earlier on in any development journey.

The c2 IoT development platform doesn’t dictate the security required, naively assuming the risks and threats. But instead provisions for the integration of varying levels of security that is need for any application.

What level of security do I need?

One of expert advise can help discover what the security requirements for your system are, and how best you can integrate that into your current product, even if this is not built using the c2 IoT development platform.