The History of C2 – 40 Years in the Making

With over 40 years experience, AND Technology Research Company have partnered with global organisations, research institutions, start-up’s and entrepreneurs to transform ideas and innovation into successful market-ready products. It is with this experience, AND have become leading innovators in their field and the technology partners of choice for many businesses.

Having successfully completed 350 projects and acquired 250 customers worldwide, the creators of the c2 platform have been able to use their expertise to revolutionise digital product development. Understanding the common pitfalls within a businesses development journey, have been key to the successful development of c2. As a result, scalability, flexibility, and robustness have been designed into the core of the platform.

Based on AND’s extensive experience in developing sensor-based data collection equipment, the c2 software and hardware blocks enable highly configurable equipment, bespoke to each individual application. The c2 platform provides both scalable and robust communications, plug ’n’ play sensors, and brains for both edge and cloud computing.

Every inch of expertise has gone into the development of c2, making it possible for businesses to develop and manufacture IoT systems, which deliver quickly on unique IoT use cases and successfully get digital products to market.