Commemorating 40 years of success with music

Last year marked a huge milestone for AND Technology Research. Having successfully delivered over 350 projects over the years, ranging from the first-ever SMS text message to life-saving medical products, the company had every reason to shout about their 40-year anniversary as international pioneering innovators in the technology world.

To celebrate their anniversary, the company did what it does best, and came up with something innovative – commissioning a celebratory piece of music with award-winning London based composer, pianist, and organist Kit Downes and composer and saxophonist Tom Challenger. Collaborating often, the two have performed at the Royal Festival Hall, London Contemporary Music Festival, and Swaledale Music festival, and have been broadcast live on BBC. Released in 2016, ‘Vyamanikal’ is their most recent collaborative album, which explores the acoustics of six organs and their surrounding environment.

Joining forces once again, the talented duo produced ‘Celebration’, a commissioned piece of classical jazz that charmingly captures the journey and commemorates 40 years of AND.

Music, like for many, is my ‘go to place’ for relaxation and inspiration and the music Kit produces is high on my go to list. His ability to mix styles and rhythms whilst maintaining beauty and interest is what makes his music unique. Examples of this are easy to find but no more so that through his organ and sax collaborative work with Tom Challenger. The past 40 years has seen AND mix styles and directions within innovation, so what better way to celebrate than through this innovative music. I hope everyone enjoys listening to it, and that Kit and Tom enjoy playing it.

Dr. Valerie Lynch, Founder and Chairman

What's next for AND?

An accumulation of tremendous amounts of hard work over the decades, a dedicated team with a holistic skill-set, and former CEO Dr. Valerie Lynch has meant tremendous success over the years. So, what’s next for the company?

Newly appointed CEO, Dr Nicola Thorn, who recently took the reins of the family-run business, has vowed to carry on building on the many fantastic achievements over the 40 years, strive to grow customer reach, technology services, and turn more pioneering ideas into reality.

The success of AND is the accumulation of tremendous amounts of hard work over the decades from a lot of people, and no one more so than Dr Valerie Lynch. In my new role, I want to build on the many fantastic achievements of her and the staff, both past and present, striving to grow our customer reach, our technology services, and turn more pioneering ideas into reality

Dr. Nicola Thorn, CEO

Now Founder and Chairman, Dr Valerie Lynch explains “I founded AND at the start of the microcontroller revolution and I am now excited for the next phase; watching the next stage of AND as it progresses through the digital revolution. I have no doubt Dr. Nicola Thorn will excel in her new role and take the company to new heights!”.

Expect a heightened focus on sustainability-focused tech and tech for good in the coming years and the company entering new areas of IoT and data analytics including AI and ML.

AND will continue to offer their revolutionary product development tool c2 to businesses, which has already transformed many IoT projects. Their latest innovation, Tento, which helps companies ease the regulatory pathway to product compliance, is also set to launch.

Not to mention, the company promises to continue delivering on what makes it a 40-year success: market-leading digitally disruptive products.