Market-ready energy management system achieved in just 4 months using c2



Market-ready energy management system achieved in just 4 months using c2


Development achieved

2 months before deadline

Market-ready product

benefitting over 65 businesses

This energy company partnered with us to develop an energy management system, which was successfully developed in just 4 months.


Development time accelerated: Development time reduced by 2 months as pre-built c2 communication and sensor blocks could be configured and implemented quickly

Time and budget constraints achieved: The IoT enabled energy management system was delivered on time and within budget

Implemented nation-wide: Currently being trialled with over 65 businesses in the UK and is helping SMEs to become more informed about their energy usage.


  • Delivering an energy management within 6 months ready to pilot
  • Utilising energy data to produce personalised analytics and business insights
  • Developing a user-friendly dashboard and app to view analytics

About this energy company

This energy management company partnered with us to develop an energy management system, targeting small and independent enterprises, that delivers intelligent analytics and insight into a businesses energy usage.

Location: England

Company size: Small business 

Industry: Energy

C2 accelerated the development process as we were able to select what we needed from their pre-built catalogue of wireless and sensor technology. The development time was halved as a result of using C2 and we were able to quickly satisfy more customers looking to join our pilot trial

Owner, Energy company


Deployed sensing technology

Deploying current and voltage sensing technology, a c2 energy monitoring IoT system to gather energy data from users who could not access their smart meter data was created.

Algorithm expertise

Designed to collect energy data in a non-intrusive and easy to install manner, the WiFi-enabled IoT system reports back to a cloud-based server for processing and analysis.

Energy disaggregation technology

Energy disaggregation intelligence learns patterns of behaviour within the energy data and identifies bespoke energy profiles for businesses.

Energy management system to empower SMEs in the control of their energy usage and contribute to the UK's carbon reduction targets

The climate emergency is pushing society to think more about the ways in which they use energy, and in particular how to be more efficient. As a result, the energy market has seen considerable growth with green incentives schemes, the introduction of smart home products, and the smart meter roll-out. However, many SMEs are being left behind, due to an existing market failure, with no way of accessing the information they need to help reduce their emissions.  And yet, a total of 25% of the UK carbon emissions comes from SMEs – making them a crucial part to tackling climate change.

This energy company’s energy management system is addressing this market failure and transforming the way SMEs view energy in their business, empowering them to take more control. Their energy management system delivers intelligent data analytics and personalised business insights which are derived from using the customers energy data. To ensure the AEMS service was accessible to all types of SMEs, two energy monitoring products were developed in order to satisfy both single and three phase monitoring. 

Within months of working with us, the system was distributed to a range of SMEs across the whole of the UK. In addition, the energy company was able to secure high-profile partnerships with the likes of Centrica to offer the product to their non-domestic customers. 

The c2 platform enabled us to quickly develop an energy management system that is now used nation-wide by over 65 small-to-medium and independent businesses.

Owner, Energy company

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