How does the c2 gateway work?

Easily switch between any communication protocol.

The c2 gateway allows either build-time or run-time switching between multiple communication channels. Whether the application needs a bridge between wired and wireless communication of two point-to-point devices or a data hub that sends information from a local network to the cloud, the c2 gateway can do it all. The modular design of the software and hardware blocks means that developing a robust gateway between any number of communication channels in easy. The generic c2 addressing and messaging makes switching between communication as simple as configuring the system rather than spending resource coding for every possible configuration.

The internet isn’t the only option. Choose from a range of communications.

Despite what the name IoT might suggest, the internet isn’t always the best fit. The c2 IoT development platform gives a wide range of communication options, through local wireless and wired networks such as PLC and ZigBee, to long-range, low powered communications such as LoRa. With the modular blocks, the best communication channel can be identified and quickly implemented into any IoT system.