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Revolutionising digital product development

We bring expert know-how, and two revolutionary technology platforms together to deliver rapid, robust, and reliable technology services and products. We partner with companies of all sizes during any stage of the product lifecycle; from design and testing through to manufacture and commercialisation.

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With deep expertise across a vast range of disciplines, our team of software, hardware and data engineers deliver true product innovation


c2 is an end-to-end technology product development platform that takes you from initial idea and prototyping all the way through to commercialisation


Tento is a testing platform that helps overcomes regulatory obstacles, meaning robust, fully tested, and compliant solutions that are market ready in time.

Whilst most tech-start-ups and IoT initiatives fail due to high costs, lack of expertise, and business cases failing at scale, c2 offers a different development journey, one which delivers rapid and robust products that are designed for scale and deployment.

Design & prototyping

Speedily transform ideas into designs and prototypes that have been built with the end goal in mind; the scaling of the product. This means no more expensive development costs and no more spiralling time-lines due to redevelopment.

Build a business case

Quickly build up a proof of concept and value for potential investors and future clients. Pull together all the hardware, and software blocks needed to develop your product quickly.

Scaling & commercialisation

The c2 platform has been built with flexibility and scalability in mind. Avoid redevelopment and take fully scalable prototypes all the way through to production and commercialisation.

Easy integration & customisation

c2 is simple-to-use, written in standard C code, ready for integration and customisation to any application.

Proven, highly configurable technology

Read how scalability, flexibility, and robustness have been designed into the core of the c2 platform.

Navigating regulation can be one of the most challenging parts of technology product development. Tento smooths that process making sure you get it right the first time.  By enabling you to organise, manage, and track audit-able testing, Tento consolidates evidence in one place, all the while maintaining an agile philosophy.

Secure investments

Communicate the status of major design milestones, ensure all stakeholders are on-board to enable cross-project collaboration. Be first to market and secure investments.

Market-ready products

Develop a scalable testing strategy that fits with your regulatory plan. Be confident you have the right evidence prepared to demonstrate product compliance.

End-to-end support

Tento supports the full technology product development journey. The Tento framework ensures the right CE mark can be obtained in time for the product launch.

Safe pair of hands

Tento is built from 40+ years’ experience, spanning 350 projects+ for 250+ customers worldwide. Companies from all industries, worldwide, trust in Tento.

Lightweight and agile

Develop a regulatory plan that is fully scalable at the start of your product development journey.

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