Save the date for EMEX 2019

With the effects of climate changing becoming more apparent, and a goal for the UK to be zero-carbon by 2050, the pressure is mounting on businesses to tackle the climate emergency.

According to a survey carried out in 2016 by YouGov, SMEs across the UK could be missing out on vital energy savings. The YouGov survey of 1000 UK SME business owners found that only one in ten companies believed they had decreased their energy consumption over the last 12 months. Three years on, with the smart meter roll-out fully underway and the government pledging up to £8.8 million to develop new energy management technologies, 2019 could be the year to start thinking about implementing an energy efficiency project within your business.

AEMS empowers businesses in control of energy

From innovators AND Technology Research, AEMS is a new energy management system designed to empower business owners in the management and control of their energy. Presented as an intuitive dashboard and mobile app, the system utilises energy data to deliver personalised analytics and business insights. AEMS is more than just energy monitoring, it provides business owners visibility of the role energy plays within their company. AEMS is helping business owners to become more informed about the way they are using energy within their business. This means they can stop missing out on vital energy saving opportunities and be better equipped to make decisions that cut their energy costs, become more efficient, and as a result boost productivity.

AEMS is currently being trialled with a number of SMEs in the UK and has seen significant uptake from a wide-range of sectors, including: retail, food and drink, hospitality, and manufacturing. Feedback from some of the pilot sites have shown that they can use AEMS to get a better perspective of energy and in a way that is easily understandable. One company, a chain of convenience stores, has been able to gain insight into how each of their stores is operating through benchmarking against one another. They were able to identify from the AEMS energy reports the highest energy-intensive store, which contributed five per cent to the overall estate consumption. Being able to visualise their energy consumption data in an accessible way was one of the main benefits gained for this chain.

AEMS on display at EMEX

AEMS will be introduced at The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) next month at the ExCel London. EMEX is an immersive two day event that brings together those passionate about devising energy efficiency strategies and applying technology that will help reduce demand. Over the two days, stakeholders will be provided the chance to share knowledge on initiatives, source innovation, and stay up to date with upcoming legislative changes. A demonstration of AEMS will be on display at EMEX, showcasing the systems intelligent analytics and some of the pioneer user’s trialling the tool.

AEMS has been created in partnership with the UK government department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of the Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC). The main objectives of the competition are to engage SMEs with their energy data by driving innovation in the energy services market. The aim is to develop and strengthen the market for energy management products and services for non-domestic sites, including both independent businesses and chains. EMEX will be the perfect platform to disseminate learnings from NDSEMIC and discuss the success of the AEMS trial.

Taking place on the 27-28 November, EMEX is free to attend. Make sure you register for your free place here. Come along and say hello, learn how AEMS can starting helping your business. We will be at stand A44.