AND Successfully Delivers Innovative Energy Management System

Comprising of an easy-to-use dashboard and mobile phone application, AEMS empowers SMEs in the control and management of their energy usage from anywhere, at any time. AEMS learns patterns of behaviour through state-of-the-art AI and offers timely alerts about operational activity and behaviour. The simple dashboard provides users with an intuitive visualisation of their energy consumption in order to track and monitor usage. Useful status updates and information on business operations according to energy consumed is provided. Additionally, users can further tailor the system specifically to their business needs, by devising unique energy strategies, setting energy budgets and performance targets.

The brains

AEMS is built upon AND’s Connect2 technology platform, a suite of proven hardware and software building blocks, used to provide seamless communication between sensors and central intelligence. Utilising an AND C2 ZigBee data collector, the Connect2 platform enables interconnectivity between a user’s smart meter and AEMS in order to collect their energy data. The brains of AEMS uses this energy data to undertake intelligent analytics, pattern recognition, and advanced disaggregation to produce individual energy profiles for each SME. The system cleverly compares energy profiles against current activity to deliver valuable insights and awareness to the business owner. This allows them in particular to take control, make informed business decisions, improve energy efficiency, increase productivity, and much more.

AEMS easily enables users to understand how their energy is used, become aware of total consumption, and be alerted to unusual patterns of usage or behaviour. The solution ranges in functionality, from simple monitoring and alerts, through to more complex systems, where fully automated control of energy usage is possible.

Work over the past six months has concentrated on developing and testing the simplest form of the solution, the entry level option and ‘Alert’ functionality. The feedback from user engagement testing with SMEs has been extremely positive and as a result of the insights discovered, some businesses have already started to trial new processes and behaviours. A number of SMEs recruited to become champion users of the system will be one of the first to pilot the solution in a trial planned for later this year.

The project

AND carried out this work as part of the call for the Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC) funded by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). We would like to thank BEIS, and all the partner firms including Carbon Trust, and Ipsos MORI, who have provided their support.

AND has experience in providing solutions to regulated market places and addressing important issues surrounding the energy ‘trilemma’: security of supply, affordable supply and environmental sustainability. AND are actively seeking new opportunities and collaborative partnerships in this area.