Tackling the energy trilemma

AND are pleased to report that after successfully winning funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, they are embarking on a collaborative project with the University of Reading. The project arose from identification of a gap in the provision of energy monitoring systems for small and medium enterprises. A range of systems are available for the home (e.g. smart meters) and larger integrated systems have been deployed at the grid level, but for SMEs these technologies are unsuitable – the granularity and visibility too limited or they are costly to implement.

Experienced in low carbon solutions, both parties are keen to combine complementary skills in data analytics and control system implementation. By so doing they are expecting address important issues surrounding the energy trilemma: security of supply, cost, and emission reduction.

Entitled “Responsive Algorithmic Energy (RAE)”, this project aims to identify a non-intrusive, low cost energy monitoring solution that can cater for the needs of SMEs. It will involve evaluating energy usage data from different situations, testing the advantages and feasibility of energy control technologies, and identifying a solution that is both practical and cost-effective. Scenarios for test will include a community setting, a car park and SME’s.

Dr Valerie Lynch, CEO of AND says “This project allows us to move forward in an area that has to date been under-researched”. She continued.  “As many energy initiatives start to migrate from the trial stage to phased rollout, technologies that will increase efficiency through active real-time initiatives are needed and at AND we are looking to be at the forefront of this”.