High quality technology services.


Design and development.

We have all the in-house expertise to transform your idea into a successful product.Utilising our own proven approach to development we are able to de-risk projects and ensure that the products we create are of value and meet the requirements set.

With over 38 years of experience, we can help solve your biggest engineering and technology challenges. We can help you at all stages of the development journey: from idea conception, direction and strategy, through design and development, to launch readiness testing and post-launch lifecycle management.

Research and consultancy.

We research emerging technologies to ensure the products we create are market-leading and at the forefront of innovation.

Our team comprises of innovators and cross-disciplined engineers who can translate emerging technologies into proof of concepts, prototypes, and commercially viable products. Within this field, we collaborate with universities, researchers, and industry experts to produce disruptive technology that will enhance both your brand and capabilities.

team members brainstorming
Engineer testing


We provide independent testing to help you assess whether your new product is ready for market launch. Our experienced test team works closely with you to identify a test plan that fits your budget, timelines, and requirements.

We help manage the route to product certification by supporting you with technical file construction, due diligence, and quality assurance processes.