IoT: Bringing ideas to life – a demonstrator for IoT start-up seeking investment


An innovative start-up looking to break into the baby monitoring market wanted to turn their idea for an IoT-enabled nursery product into a reality. Looking to engage potential investors, they selected AND as a technology partner to create a proof of concept demonstrator that could be taken to funding pitches and presented to engage interested parties.



During the first stage of this project, we worked closely with the client to explore the feasibility of their idea, define the main design elements and develop a strategy for evolving the demonstrator into a successful product. Utilising technology blocks from our Connect2 platform, we developed a complete connected system that comprised wearable sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee protocols, and the ability to interface with a smartphone application.


Our client was delivered a proof of concept demonstrator which innovatively and clearly conveyed the idea and key functionality of the IoT-enabled nursery product. This project allowed the client to approach potential investors with a demonstrator that can smoothly translate into a scalable product once funding is secured.