Introducing The LinkSpace

Last month saw the launch of The LinkSpace, an exciting new venture providing a dedicated creative space for development and learning.

Operated by AND, it connects a diverse array of people including industry leaders, engineering talent, cross-sector professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, scale-ups and local communities. Through collaboration and partnership, The LinkSpace provides users with an environment for tackling the challenges of the day.

During the launch attendees took part in a kick-off session, where they identified challenge areas and debated the many issues associated.  Topics such as: managing mental health, gaining access to medical records and improving education for the tech industry were raised.  The launch aimed to gather feedback on The LinkSpace concept and select challenges to address at future events.

Ross Herringshaw, Business Improvement Consultant at Syrosand Consulting said, “The LinkSpace is perfect for bringing people together. We covered a variety of subjects, which provoked some interesting debate. I’m looking forward to seeing how objectives set on the day will be pursued.”

Challenge Days intend to unite the skills and impetus of like-minded Link members. The first Challenge Day, “Software Development and Coding”, is due to take place on Thursday 31st August. The event sets out to address specific issues faced by educators and industry with regards to coding and software engineering. Link members are to prepare a statement of the context they bring to the challenge as well as selecting the issue they would most like to see resolved. By the end of the day, the goal is to have a defined focus, a project title and a plan for achieving this.

To become a Link member, please register interest by sending details to Link members can lodge issues for discussion, attend or lead Challenge Days, log collaboration needs and propose activities for addressing the challenge.

Two further planned Challenge Days are ‘Healthcare Monitoring’ and the ‘Connected Environment’.

For more information on upcoming events or to see how you can get involved then please visit