ENERGY: Power outage detection – providing visibility of DNO network


A UK electricity distribution network operator (DNO) wanted to make a fault and voltage detector device that can be plugged into the mains by a customer and immediately notify the DNO in the event of a power cut. They asked AND to design, develop, and manufacture the device so they could trial the initiative with Priority Service Register (PSR) customers.



Our cross-disciplinary team undertook technology surveying and product development to create the PSR Scout – a product that continually monitors the mains power supply to a property and remotely alerts the DNO when a power cut occurs. The PSR Scout also returns voltage readings to help profile the quality of supply. This project combined hardware & mechanical design, software development, and involved architecting a Cloud-based network to facilitate secure data transmission to our client’s server.



The PSR Scout will provide our client with greater visibility of the service they are offering to customers with special consideration for those most vulnerable. The automatic alerts sent from the PSR Scout enable the client to improve response time and overall customer service.