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Get connected with our smart IoT platform

Your product, IoT ready

Enabling proven solutions.

The Connect2 platform is a secure, reliable way to connect any sensor, any way, for any application. Whether you need visibility of deployed sensors for monitoring purposes or need to implement control systems to react to data – we have joined-up, proven hardware and software to make it happen.

Developed by AND, this technology enables us to rapidly create dependable and secure connected products for our customers and maximise the value of IoT solutions, be they Cloud, home automation, app or smart data centric.  Connect2 is flexible, inexpensive, efficient. Built from a bank of proven, quality IP and an intuitive, considered C-Messaging framework we can confidently use Connect2 to get your existing or brand-new devices connected

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Bridging the gap.

Connect2 lets you create local or Cloud-based networks, each solution configured to fit your specific needs.

Connect2 features Typical sensors Local network Cloud network
Secure IMU (mag/gyro/accel) WiFi GSM (cell)
Reliable Temperature
Scalable Humidity ZigBee Sigfox
Low- power Voltage
Self-maintaining Current Bluetooth Lo-Ra
Memory efficient Light


Integrating Connect2 technology.

  • We can build entire applications on top of our Connect2 platform, enabling streamlined products that can be realised in small form factors

  • We can retrofit your products with Cloud and mesh network capability through full integration re-engineering or by providing simple plug-in C-Node additions

  • Don’t have a server infrastructure in place? No problem, you can get up and running with AND’s Cloud service

  • AND can securely transfer data to your dedicated server in various formats where data needs to be held on site

  • Connect2 comes with a flexible range of prices and packages to suit your budget

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