2018 – The Year of Engineering has arrived!

AND Technology Research is proud to support the Year of Engineering. A national campaign that launched this week dedicated to inspire the next generation of engineers. We are joining forces with the government and hundreds of industry partners to celebrate the world and wonder of engineering. Throughout 2018, this campaign will give young people, parents, [...]

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AND’s IoT device aims to protect vulnerable people and the elderly

Power cuts are frustrating at the best of times, but imagine how dangerous a power failure is for someone vulnerable or the elderly. In most situations, an electricity provider only becomes aware of a power cut when a customer calls in.  This can be highly inconvenient and potentially life threatening, especially if someone relying on [...]

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Dr Val: Deal or No Deal – Engineering Style

A new stat this week was re-tweeted by AND that the annual engineering shortfall in recruits is 20,000. I am passionate about my job and am bemused at why the electronics/software industry does not seem to be attractive to many school- leavers. I also often get asked what we can do to up the profile [...]

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Introducing The LinkSpace

Last month saw the launch of The LinkSpace, an exciting new venture providing a dedicated creative space for development and learning. Operated by AND, it connects a diverse array of people including industry leaders, engineering talent, cross-sector professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, scale-ups and local communities. Through collaboration and partnership, The LinkSpace provides users with an environment [...]

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Tackling the energy trilemma

AND are pleased to report that after successfully winning funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, they are embarking on a collaborative project with the University of Reading. The project arose from identification of a gap in the provision of energy monitoring systems for small and medium enterprises. A range of systems are available [...]

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Dr Val: Collaboration on tap

Negotiation and ‘Getting the Best Deal’ is a hot topic in the UK, but what does the ‘Best Deal’ mean? Deals and negotiation include give and take, so the gives and the takes have to be identified, examined and their value assessed. If all matches then negotiations can conclude but what happens when they don’t [...]

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