AND is awarded major contract to develop energy management service for SMEs

AND Technology Research recently celebrated the win of a major contract issued by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The contract, to develop an energy management solution for small non-domestic businesses within the retail and hospitality sector, builds on AND’s considerable experience in this area and most importantly draws on their emerging Data Analytics capability.

The main goal for the contract is to empower business owners in the control and management of their energy usage. The idea is that by using data driven technology they will be able to create energy strategies that align to their business needs and set energy budgets that cater to their operational activities. The business owners will then gain meaningful insight so that they can reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, and in turn boost their productivity.

Increased energy awareness for business owners

The solution offers an energy management system that is easy to engage and employs responsive algorithms to increase awareness of energy consumed at near to real-time. AND plans in the fullness of time to offer three different service options that range in functionality and price: Alert, Monitor, and Intelligent as described below.

  • Alert provides simple monitoring and notifications that can instigate manual intervention within the business.
  • Monitor combines ‘ground truth monitoring’ and facilitates the opportunity for add-on data services.
  • Intelligent offers full-scale automated control of energy usage and the possibility for power source switching.

Dr Valerie Lynch, CEO of AND, says “This project is very exciting as it addresses a sector of the market place that has previously not been catered for and at AND we are ideally placed to address it.” Valerie continues, “Algorithmic control for such solutions provides new opportunities and we have recognised that the use of disaggregation algorithms in non-domestic situations could lead to better demand side response mechanisms”.

This project addresses the simplest form of the solution, ‘Alert’, in order to address the smallest of SME’s and micro-businesses. The system will acquire smart meter data and undertake analytics, pattern recognition, and device disaggregation in order to detect abnormal energy usage and out of bounds budgets. Minimal monitoring equipment will be required, with an option to take data solely from installed Smart Meters.

AND are experienced in providing solutions to regulated market places and in addressing important issues surrounding the energy ‘trilemma’: security of supply, affordable supply and environmental sustainability. AND are actively seeking new opportunities and collaborative partnerships in this area.

About the competition

BEIS has planned to commit up to £8.8m for this Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC), which will be delivered across three main phases. This begins with Phase 1 – development of the software toolset and its feasibility; Phase 2 – initial trials and testing with customers; and Phase 3 – roll out/further testing and commercialisation. Up to nine projects have been selected, and awarded contracts to develop innovative approaches and services for non-domestic sectors that include retail, hospitality, and schools.

Phase 1 is already underway at AND, with work started on development of the ‘Alert’ software alpha version and SME engagement testing with businesses such as a dry cleaners, butchers, and a pub.

Check out our website and stay tuned for updates as this project progresses.

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