Cutting edge cross-sector innovation.

Internet of Things

We have extensive experience in developing and creating IoT enabled products and digital solutions. Get the data you want, from anywhere and at any time.

We have Connect2 our very own collection of proven software and hardware building blocks, which we use to create cost-effective and creative IoT products for our customers.

Our leading expertise means we can provide customised solutions that are ready for implementation, scalable for manufacture, and accelerate time to market.

engineer holding hardware
Electricity pylons


We innovate with energy stakeholders to create low carbon solutions that help them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service they are providing to their customers. Our research and work in this field contributes to the development of smart grid solutions, demand-side response strategies, micro-grid generation, and load balancing.

AI and data analytics

Through the use of novel machine learning techniques, we can create and develop intelligent algorithms for your solution. Our mathematicians work with you to make the most of your data and create expert systems that meet your requirements. Data analytics and visualisation to articulate your data in a way that is both engaging and meaningful.

Artificial intelligence
medical professional


We innovate with medical professionals to help them create life-changing products that meet the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. We offer quality assurance, compliance, and technology management services to help our clients achieve success in the marketplace.

Emerging markets

Our expertise is not limited to these key sectors – if you have an idea or a problem that needs solving we can help.  We are driven by delivering innovation with purpose to all aspects of our work and can produce bespoke solutions tailored to your individual needs.

person holding a lightbulb