2018 – The Year of Engineering has arrived!

AND Technology Research is proud to support the Year of Engineering. A national campaign that launched this week dedicated to inspire the next generation of engineers.

We are joining forces with the government and hundreds of industry partners to celebrate the world and wonder of engineering. Throughout 2018, this campaign will give young people, parents, and teachers the opportunity to engage with industry. The Year of Engineering will challenge the negative perceptions of the industry by showcasing the creativity and variety the profession has to offer.

Communicate the magic

At AND, we are passionate about what we do and are puzzled as to why many school leavers are not considering a career in engineering. We need the next generation of electronic engineers, coders, and problem solvers to join our industry and help shape the future of the world we live in.

We have been working in partnership with The LinkSpace and our industry partner’s on ways to address this issue. Our main initiative is how we communicate the magic of engineering to people of all ages. In particular, we have been looking at the specific issues faced by educators and industry with regards to software development and coding. We believe that scalable interventions are needed to deliver a message not only to young people but to professionals, parents, teachers, and influencers.

Dr Valerie Lynch, CEO of AND, says “Software engineering offers flexible interesting and rewarding career options, ideal for women and men who are looking for pathways that encourage and support personal growth”.

This year we will be hosting a series of events centred on being a coder and what it is like to working in engineering. Themes will include providing opportunities for all to code, application of coding across industry sectors, establishing a professional engineering voice, and encouraging women. We will also share inspirational stories from our engineering team as well as highlighting the different types of work we do. Additionally, students can apply for work experience placements and get hands-on experience working alongside our engineering teams.

Useful links

To find out more about the Year of Engineering or see what’s happening near you, visit yearofengineering.gov.uk or search #YoE on Twitter.

To learn more about The LinkSpace and challenge days, visit thelinkspace.co.uk or follow @TheLinkSpace on Twitter.

Check out our website for all our Year of Engineering activities or visit @ANDTechResearch on Twitter.